Escape the Cancer Mafia

Eight Supplements that Protect you from Cancer
1. Progesterone (Pro-Gest)
This is only progesterone Elaine recommends. It is formulated by Dr. Peat, who sells it by mail order.
Dr Peat’s informative Newsletter can be ordered at His website is

Please do not telephone Hippocrates Health Centre to order progesterone oil .We are flooded by calls, as we are overwhelmed by orders for this book. We do not import progesterone – we merely recommend it. You must order it yourself from the USA. Do not expect Dr Peat’s office to return phone messages or acknowledge orders, faxes or letters. They fill all orders when they arrive, and they do it efficiently.

Websites stocking Dr Peat's (Kenogen) Progest E-Complex:

2. Lugol’s

Herbal Ingredient


Newton's Pharmacy
119 York Street
Ph: 02 9267 7889

Gooding Drive Compounding Chemist
6/166 Gooding Dr, Merrimac, QLD 4226, Australia.
Phone: +61 7 5530 5888
3. Vitamin D-3

For more information: John Jacob Cannell MD
4. Selenium

Gooding Drive Pharmacy

07 5530 5888 (Elaine's Formula)

Newton's Pharmacy
119 York Street
Ph: 02 9267 7889

5. Magnesium Chloride
6. Food Enzymes
7. Bicarbonate of Soda
Available from your local supermarket or health food store - Make sure it has no preservatives
8. Clay
Please Google for more info - available in health stores
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  • Vaccinations :
    Stephanie Messenger 
    P.O. Box 5083, Alexandra Hills, Queensland, Australia 4161
    Phone: +61 (0)7 3821 5454  
    Mobile: 0412 671 922

    Meryl Dorey
    Phone: 02 6687 1699  
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    Mike Cook
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  • Soy – the Abominable Bean
    To read Chapter Nine about Soy from Elaine's Book, please 'click here'.
  • Iodine for Health: An Interesting article from Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD 'click here to read'.

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