April 2011 |
Dear Reader,

Has Aldara, or any other drug, wrecked your life?
There is hope, and it is in two words: CLASS ACTIONS

We have worked for seven years to get justice for Aldara victims. There are twelve million of them, many in Australia, the skin cancer capital of the world. Are you one of them? Have you ever used this deadly, so-called "cure" for skin cancer and genital warts? If so, you will be eligible for a payout, even if you have had no symptoms.

Sounds crazy? It isn't, for this reason. It has now, (finally!) been scientifically established that everyone who has ever put this deadly, immune-suppressing drug on his or her skin is at risk, and will be at risk for life. One of the top legal firms in the US has mounted a class action, and when we say they are tough, we mean they are TOUGH! They researched Aldara thoroughly, they KNOW they have a perfect case, and they will assist us in Australia to mount our own class action. It will take time, but with their help, it will be a shoo-in.

This is only the beginning. Now that we have finally tasted success, we are determined to stop all drug manufacturers (such as Aldara's utterly corrupt 3M Pharmaceuticals) from pushing drugs they KNOW will kill people. So, to fight back, please let us know if you have candidates for other killer drugs, and we will go to work on them. United, we can scare the fat-cat Big Pharma executives. We must let them know that the worm has turned, and that we will OUT them!

Suggestions: If you have ever used Aldara, and want to participate, keep proof of where and when you purchased it, and the doctor who prescribed it. To keep up-to-date on developments, check our website and stay subscribed to our newsletter. We regret that we cannot answer individual emails which flood in, for the usual reason: we are woefully underfunded, and are doing this as a public service. Please send this newsletter to everyone on your list, and ask them to do the same, to save lives.

Unfortunately, money won't bring back your health if it has been destroyed by Aldara, a corrupt doctor and our hopeless Therapeutic Goods Administration, but it will at least make life more tolerable for you.

Yours in good health
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Elaine Hollingsworth

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