Letter for Aldara Victims

Dear Friends,

We regret that it is not possible for us to reply to the hundreds of letters we receive each month regarding the extreme danger Aldara. These letters are heartrending: they describe horrible illnesses, even deaths, from Aldara, and we wish we had the time to answer each letter. More important – we wish we could offer hope to victims.

Every letter is a cry for help but, unfortunately, there is nothing that can undo the damage that this immune-destroying drug is doing to everyone who uses it. Some victims are affected immediately and violently (as happened to Elaine) and others (who have strong immune systems) may notice little until later, when they are struck down, due to a delayed reaction from immune system damage caused by this drug. By then, few connect their new illnesses to past use of Aldara.

You will receive no help from establishment medicos. Your prescribing doctor will never admit Aldara caused your problems, for fear you will sue him/her. An "independent" doctor is equally useless, from fear of being dragged into a lawsuit. The worst fear, however, comes from filing an Adverse Reaction Report which will result in threats of court action against any doctor who has the courage to file one.

If you have been poisoned by Aldara, chances are that you will never fully recover. (Elaine has not, in spite of more than seven years of therapies, and this is why she is on a crusade to bring justice to other Aldara victims.) This means that you may not be able to carry on working, and may need a great deal of help, just to keep going. Because of this dire prognosis, we have made a documentary about Aldara, as well as a safe alternative for skin cancers.

The documentary, called ONE ANSWER TO CANCER, is one hour, 37 minutes long, and contains abundant proof of the manufacturer's culpability, as well as interviews with many people who have been severely poisoned by Aldara. We made it because we believe it will be a potent tool for victims to use to convince law firms to mount Class Actions against doctors and pharmaceutical companies who have destroyed the health of so many innocent people.

For those of you who have enquired about safe ways to cure skin cancers, we highly recommend Black Salve.  This safe, effective cure has been used for more than 2000 years, and we have never heard of any adverse effects. The DVD contains many interviews with people who explain in detail how they used this salve on skin cancers, as well as cancers of the thyroid, colon, and breast, and how successful it proved to be.

Because Big Pharma, your doctor, and your government have tried to suppress this wonderful product, it is no longer sold for use on humans. So, if you decide to order it, just say it is for your best friend, who happens to be a Rottweiler. And, please do not try to order it through us. We emphatically do not sell Black Salve, and if we did we would go to prison, because it is against the law for companies (or individuals) to make claims for a product they sell. Further, we have no financial agreement with anyone who does sell it, and recommend it only because of Elaine's terrible experience with Aldara, and subsequent good experience with Black Salve. To find out more fill in the Enquiry Form here.

If you wish purchase our Documentary, please click on, or copy and paste, the following link:          


Best regards,
DAD Team


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