by Elaine Hollingsworth

Prevention, of course, is the way to go and, no, in this case prevention does not mean avoiding the sun which, used carefully, is your best defence against cancers of all sorts. Yes, even skin cancer.

Freckles can be the first step on the road to skin cancers. They sometimes turn into keratoses; raised, uneven, beige-coloured spots that need to be watched carefully, in case they decide to blossom into skin cancers. The good news is that I have found an oil that can nip freckles in the bud. It is called Wonder Oil and it is, indeed, a wonder.

Before recommending products (precious few, as readers know) I experiment on myself. Only after I’m convinced something is safe and effective, do I call on a group of loyal friends, who have participated in many of my experiments, to have a go. In the case of Wonder Oil, we found the following:

  • Ugly, dark freckles fade to nothing
  • Rough skin patches become smooth
  • Lumps, some thick and as large as almonds, slowly break apart
  • Keratoses (pre-cancers) slough off
  • Haemorrhoids disappear
  • Wrinkles improve
  • Scars, even very old ones, slowly fade
  • Muscle aches and arthritis pains disappear
  • Sprains quickly mend

Some improvements occur quickly, others require persistence, and some problems are not affected at all. Very dark spots can take up to two months to fade. For best results, use daily. I love this oil and recommend it to everyone. It’s safe and economical, and comes with a money back guarantee.

We don't sell this oil. It is made by James Baillie, and you will find it at Castlemain Natural Store, 107 Mostyn Street; The Maldon Herbalist, 2A Main Street; and from his stall at Daylesford Market on Sundays from 7:30 to 2:00 PM, where he is known as “The Arthritis Man” because he makes another oil, this one especially for arthritis.

He sells by mail order, but only in Australia, and cheques or money orders are to be made out to James Baillie, P.O. Box 216, Maldon 3463, Victoria. 0427-180-748. The cost for 270ml is $30 for one bottle, or $58 for two bottles, all including postage anywhere in Australia.

Apologies to my overseas subscribers, who have enquired about James’ oil. He runs a small operation and is not yet equipped to mail the bottles overseas. Should that change, I’ll let you know.

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