Chinese Products

by Elaine Hollingsworth

Thanks to former President Bill Clinton, Chinese products have flooded the world.  Why did he push this so hard?  If he was trying to wreck our health, he has done a bang-up job of it.   There have been so many poisonous products coming out of China (Melamine-contaminated milk being just the tip of the iceberg) that I don’t know where to start. 

  Small example -- Australian chain store, Best and Less, had cosy flannel nities in lovely pastel colours, full length, roomy, and apparently drenched in poisons.   I bought four of them and was rewarded by a nasty case of hives. 

All it took was an hour in one of those nities for my body to break out in hives, and I itched for days after. As an experiment we soaked the nities in one strong solution after the other, but when I tried again, they still made me itch.  My phoned complaint was met by apathy, which wasn’t surprising.

Experts on their methods have told me that Chinese cotton is of such poor quality that they permeate it with formaldehyde to give it body. Terrific, but only if you are dead and want to be embalmed.  Of course, not everyone is as fortunate as I -- my body is sensitive, and warns me quickly when I’m attacked.  Most won’t notice an immediate reaction, but don’t be smug if you can wear Chinese cotton without repercussions.  Problems can surface later, rather than immediately:  unexplained, serious skin diseases, or even cancer can strike after years of exposure. And just imagine the damage formaldehyde is doing to our children!

Best and Less would probably go out of business if they quit buying Chinese products, and they are not alone.  Rivers, once a store we respected, carries cotton t-shirts that caused me immediate itching when I wore them.  

 I’m running out of old, pre-Chinese cotton and can’t find substitutes, at any price.  Please email us if you know ethical firms that sell safe cottons.  And complain!  It’s the only way we can effect change.  Women in the US are fighting back with a class action against Victoria’s Secret because formaldehyde in their products caused “itching, welts and blisters.”   
I hope they get a substantial settlement, and frighten stores into demanding safe products.    


This information is not intended as medical advice. I encourage everyone to make their own health care decisions, with advice from qualified professionals.


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