Botox - Look young, die young

 by Elaine Hollingsworth

According to WHAT DOCTORS DON'T TELL YOU, in January 2005, Botox has become so popular that it has ... "replaced Tupperware as the object of mass-sales parties, with doctors treating up to ten people in an hour." But, before organising a party and risking loss of friends, remember that Botox is a propietary form of the botulinum toxin, and is the most deadly of all the varieties of this food poison. (Think Botulism).

It's so deadly, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, that just one gram of its pure crytalline form can wipe out a million people. Not surprisingly, the US Government, always enthusiastic about new ways to kill, is considering it for biological welfare.

Botox has a dizzying array of side-effects, including seizures, convulsions, anaphylacitc shock, pneumonia and, you guessed it, that old side effect standby -- DEATH. Of course, it doesn't sicken or kill everyone, and it does cause temporary improvment in wrinkles, but take a look at the odd, stiff faces of so many not-so-young movie stars and ask yourself if it's worth taking a chance.

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