by Elaine Hollingsworth

Here we go again with another smug " I told you so" - this time about antacids.

If you've read my book, and I sincerely hope you have, you will know that I HATE antacids, even more than I hate flax oil. And, if you haven't read my book, don't waste precious time -- rush to your local library and borrow a copy. If you don't live in Australia , you're out of luck, and will have to buy one. Or, watch this space and we may print the entire antacid chapter one day,(now available) in my efforts to bring the pharmaceutical multinationals to their knees.

These deadly little pills bring in the tidy sum of $16 billion every year -- more than enough to buy as many scientific prostitutes as needed by the pharmaceutical industry to pull the wool over our eyes. So, next time you are tempted to pop a Tagamet, Losec, Zantac or any of the other fanciful antacid names that they come up with, consider this -- the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) says that these drugs are responsible for the doubling of pneumonia cases, worldwide.

According to JAMA, there is a simple explanation for this -- normal stomach acid destroys a wide range of harmful viruses and bacteria, and is a defence against infection because of this. By their very nature, antacids neutralise stomach acids, allowing pathogens in the stomach to travel up the esophagus and into the lungs. Further, as I mention in my book, stomach acid is one of our main defences against parasites. My advice -- ignore the persuasive, glamorous advertisements and remember that stomach acid is your friend.

Before dismissing this advice with the excuse that it doesn't apply to you because you have "acid indigestion" remember that your symptoms should be termed "lack of acid indigestion."

This is how it works: When you eat, if your HCl is low, your stomach will hold food longer, and whatever HCl is present will mix in with the food. Your stomach will churn, but because it doesn't have enough acid, instead of emptying its contents into your small intestine, some of the food will regurgitate into your oesophagus. Then, because your throat is not protected against acid with the same mucosal barrier as your stomach, your throat will burn. Thus the term 'heartburn'.

If you treat this burning with antacids, the burning will stop, but you will perpetuate the problem until you are a candidate for an operation. To avoid this fate, provide your stomach with what it desperately needs - hydrochloric acid, acidophilus and food enzymes. But don't do this unless you carefully acquaint yourself with the contraindications (ulcers, NSAIDs). And give some thought to cutting out sugar and grains, which probably caused the problem originally.


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This information is not intended as medical advice. I encourage everyone to make their own health care decisions, with advice from qualified professionals.

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